Spring Summer Makeup

By Melissa Morehouse, Gatsby Salon resident makeup artist

Put away the heavy rich colors we’ve been wearing all winter. Get ready to warm it up and glow into Spring-Summer 2015!

Eyes will be very sultry and seductive despite lightening up on colors and application style. Warm tones of browns with hints of gold are the newest and greatest thing; especially when paired with hues of peaches and pinks. This shift in color is not only better with bronzed skin tones, but much easier to apply than darker less forgiving shades. One of the biggest changes for eyes that made a “comeback” is a clean more definite eye liner application; less smokey and smudged from previous years. Rather than achieving the sultry look with your eyeliner, you’ll achieve it with your eye shadow.

Glowing skin with underlying hints of gold will carry from Spring through Summer. Skin looking very sun-kissed and almost “wet” will be the trend. You can achieve this look with either a gel or “stick” bronzer. Less fuss and blending than your traditional powder bronzer witch can make you look too “orange” and matte. To follow through the glowing skin trend to its optimum capacity add a tones of peach or pink to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy and youthful appearance.

Lips! As much as I love lip gloss I am happy to say that matte lips have made a come back! Lip gloss in my book will never go out of style, but I think we can all appreciate the longevity and “look” that only a matte lipstick gives. Colors on the runway are ranging from pale peaches and pinks to oxblood. That makes it easy for anyone to find a shade that suites them best. Not having to apply it constantly or have our hair drag through it is always a plus!

Make an appointment and try on Spring colors and learn trending application styles. Make up sold and or ordered here! Or just get your make up done for a night out stepping out of winter into spring.

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