Sandra DiMaggio
Level 3 - Designer Stylist

Sandra found her calling very early in life when she was enamored with playing dress up and doing her friends and family’s hair. Once in high school, this interest was sparked when she enrolled in their Vocational Technical school. Sandra was now the chosen stylist; now with training, she no longer had to beg friends and family to let her do their hair. Sandra found herself enthralled in creating new, exciting and up to date looks for those she loved. After advancing her skill with education through Jacques Dessanges, Jingles and L’Oréal Professionnel, Sandra has immersed her creative talents in hair design. Looking at someone’s hair texture, length and color, Sandra can transform anyone’s style from minor accents to extreme makeovers. Her scissors are her life; unable to form her masterpieces without these blades.

What tool can you not live without? My scissors.

Favorite product? Gatsby Salon’s Structura Shaping Spray.