Melissa Morehouse
Make-up Artist

From an early age, Melissa watched her mother as a make-up artist and new that was her calling. She applied makeup to anyone who would let her until she was old enough to make it her career. Looking up to Kevin Aucoin, Melissa yearned to emulate his talent of transformation. His ability to change someone’s appearance was nothing short of amazing and an inspiration to Melissa. She’s found that her best education has come from those open minded clients who allow her artistic visions to be brought to life. Although Melissa’s taken classes through various make-up companies, her thirteen years of hands on experience has been her greatest education. Melissa’s goal when it comes to her clients is to make everyone who leaves her chair feel beautiful, confident and inspired to try new looks and colors more frequently.

What tool can you not live without? My angling brush
Favorite product? Mascara!!!!